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Identities · Acrylic on Canvas

(2023) | 80x80cm

Identities (1)

In the year 1968, Philip K. Dick famously pondered whether androids dreamt of electric sheep. Little did we foresee that machines would one day possess the capacity to conjure autonomous works of art – and that such questions, akin to the musings of certain artists, would resurface in a peculiar manner.

We observe that our visual contemplations on the self and its ambivalence have been drawn from machine-induced reveries and their algorithms, and we have wholeheartedly embraced their 'third-kind cooperation' proposal.

From the very inception, those digital prototypes emerging from the crucible of our 'prompts' appeared as though a chemical reverie in the space-time continuum – a narrative interrogation of the prevailing conception of identity, a fragmentation of the self, a torn representation of the 'avataristic' personality of the digital era.

Confronting these digital mirages are the acrylic paintings, as though they place their fingers upon the canvas to mark the traces of our existence. These paintings are a raw resistance against the virtual, a rebellion of the artisanal against the abstract. The avatars, once digitally estranged, are captured here in colors and structures, and their transformation becomes an expression of human metamorphosis.

"Identities" challenges us to move beyond the surface, to penetrate the deeper layers of our being, and to redefine the fundamentals of our selves. This is no mere exhibition; it is a living experiment in the realm of thought. The dynamic tension between virtuality and materiality, between fleeting pixels and steadfast pigments, becomes the resonating chamber for our self-reflection.

Who? What?


Welcome to BCYC, a 'Bi-C-Y-C-le', designed to transport you to destinations where art meets the open road. Here, two unique talents unite to take you on a creative journey like no other.

BCYC, which also symbolizes duality, reflects the essence of our artistic partnership.

One of us wields a paintbrush, crafting vibrant strokes on the canvas of reality, infusing it with imagination and life. The other explores the vast digital landscape, where precision meets pixels, and together we've charted an artistic course that defies convention.

Our journey is akin to the ever-turning bicycle wheels, in constant motion. It's taken us through a diverse terrain of abstract art, painting, cinematic storytelling, and the boundless realms of science fiction. But our exploration doesn't stop there. We've ventured into the pulse of pop culture and the electrifying aesthetics of cyberpunk.

Our art transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending paintings, prints, and the dynamic world of digital assets, including the fascinating realm of NFTs. Recently, we've harnessed the power of AI image processing, breathing fresh life into our creations.

BCYC isn't just a project; it's a journey into uncharted artistic territory, a celebration of collaboration, and a testament to the limitless potential when two distinct voices come together. Join us on this unique expedition, where change is our constant companion, and the horizon of creativity stretches endlessly before us. Welcome to BCYC, where art embraces endless possibilities without pretension.

Studio 205

Digital Tools

  • Open AI GPT 3.5
  • Midjourney V4-V5.2
  • Open AI Dall-E

M² (MSquared) & Improbable Quotes from Discord

"MML allows devs to build new things for events within the metaverse in real time without requiring the world to go down for a patch or update..." Robl

"I came here because the Improbable tech was orders of magnitude better at handling large gatherings than anything else. I'm a UE/WebXR guy and want to build cool stuff with it. I'm lucky because I don't need "number to go up" or "devs do something", I just want access to the Improbable toolset. Maybe that'll happen, maybe it won't but what I experienced last night at the MLB event was exactly what I'd hoped to build one day. The fact I saw it, reinforced that it's possible and gave me so much hope and excitement. I'm grateful to the team for pulling together not just the tech but also the business side of things to make it happen. Kudos." HiroP